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Turnaround Arts CA at Burbank


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Turnaround Arts: California works with 27 partner schools throughout the state, which were selected through a competitive evaluation process. All schools are “priority-designated,” as defined by the U.S. Department of Education, and were identified by the California Department of Education as performing in the lowest 5%-10% in the state during the application period.

Partner schools receive an array of arts education services and resources designed to increase opportunities for success, build an extended community, and raise the visibility of achievements, including: art supplies, musical education materials, licensing rights and kits for school musicals, instructional resources, professional learning facilitated by leaders in the field, and high-profile Turnaround Artists who work with students and teachers. The heart of the program is a collaboration with school communities that strategically targets services and resources to address larger school challenges. Over the course of the partnership, the program works closely with each school to help build arts education programming that is rigorous, effective, and integrated holistically into the culture of the school. 

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Tim Robbins, Turnaround Artist visit Academy Award-winning actor Tim Robbins spent Friday at a Hayward elementary school, joining children in a staged reading, singing with the chorus, answering questions and watching students work on computer art projects as he promoted the arts in schools.