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Dual Language Immersion

Burbank’s Dual Language Immersion program brings together fluent English speakers and fluent Spanish speakers in a unique opportunity for both groups to learn from each other in a space where both languages have equal standing.  

The Dual Language Immersion Program is a classroom instructional model that brings together students from two different language groups in a unique opportunity for all students to learn both languages.

Teachers serve as the academic language model while the students serve as peer models to each other.

DLI Brochure

DLI Brochure (Espanol)

Dual Language Research Points

The major theoretical principles that undergird the academic and language goals are embedded in the relationship between language, learning, and cognition. It has been found that:

(1)  It takes most individuals from five to seven years to acquire the second language well enough to function academically; 

(2)  One can transfer the knowledge and skills acquired in one language to the other; and 

(3)  By continuing to develop the two languages, children’s educational and cognitive development is enhanced (Collier, 1992, 1995; Cummins, 1992; Hakuta & Diaz, 1984). 

---Directions in Language and Education, Spring 2002, No. 14

DLI Parents Information on DLI Program

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Seal of Excellence CABE is proud to award the CABE 2016 Seal of Excellence Award to Burbank Elementary School.

The State of California has awarded the State Seal of Biliteracy to high school seniors since 2012. The Pathway to Biliteracy Award is a way for California school districts with Bilingual or Dual Language Immersion programs to encourage and reward students for their achievement on their “pathway” to becoming biliterate. In Hayward, students can demonstrate biliteracy by applying for the Pathway to Biliteracy Award in 6th grade. Those who receive the award are then acknowledged during their 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony.